How can I make a dollar a day from the internet?

How can I make a dollar a day from the internet?

Okay additional details… I’m from India and earning just a dollar a day is okay with me… but hey… don’t tell me to earn through HubPages, squidoo etc… no ‘paid to click’, ‘paid to read’ and ‘get paid to’ kinda stuff please! no internet marketing and affiliate programs as well… Paid surveys don’t work either, atleast not in my part of the world… any genuine suggestions???

Mechanical Turk ( is a great way to earn at least a US dollar every day. It’s a website has a wide variety of small tasks that earn from $.02/task to $2.50/task. Tasks can include transcribing 2 minutes of an audio clip for about $1.00; finding an article on a specific topic for $.11; writing, rewriting, or editing an article for $.25 to $1.50/article, or classifying a picture or website for about $.05. There are 15,000 to 20,000 tasks available on any given day. Some tasks require special qualifications. But, most of the qualifications (like transcription) can be easily learned and certified directly on I’ve found that scams are rare on this site. MT does a very good job monitoring their site and enforcing fair policies. I like the site because the variety of tasks allow me to pick the tasks that I feel like doing at any time that I want. If I only have 15 minutes and don’t feel like doing anything that is thought-intensive, I’ll write tags for pictures. If I have an hour or more, I might do a little transcription. Before obtaining any qualifications, I earned $3 to $6 per hour. Have fun

With sites like fiverr its easy to earn a dollar a day. go to and see what people are doing. you actually earn $4 per gig. It can obviously be scaled up too with repeat sales in a day so you can repeat that $4 over and over again if you get your gig right. Another way is to write articles for people and charge for those, advertise on elance. Or Sell on ebay, with dropshipping, There are tons and tons of ways, You have to stick with one idea and run with it.

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